*ride times vary

*close-toed shoes required

*rides may be cancelled due to inclement weather, dangerous trail conditions, etc.

The Dry Creek Valley Combo Ride    70 minutes

Public $119       Private $149 (minimum 2 people)

Making a figure eight, we have combined the best of both worlds starting out with our Skaggs Vista View Ride and ending with our Dry Creek Valley View Ride.  This ride is a little over an hour and is for those who just can’t make up their minds and want to see it all! (Not for timid riders) Ages 12+


Heritage Oaks Lake View Ride 90 Minutes (allow over 2 hours for this experience)

Public $149        Private $179 (minimum 2 people)

One of the guide’s favorite rides and a reason to come back if you have previously tried our shorter rides and want to see more, our Oak knoll ride has it all!  This is the full package trail ride wise and is one not to be missed!  This ride starts on the rocky Southlake Trail, continues through the meadow, and takes the horse and rider into an incredible forest of oaks, madrone, and bays.  This trail has ups and downs, switchbacks, creek crossings, Cliffside views, and to top it all off, a private view location of the Lake only seen so far by The Ranch at Lake Sonoma guests!  A full hour and a half ride. (Not for timid riders) Ages 12+ 

A Trip on Switchback Mountain 60 Minutes

Public $109       Private $129 (minimum 2 people)

Starting on the Southlake Trail, this ride starts with an invigorating ride overlooking Lake Sonoma, then rides through a meadow and begins a winding climb to the top of Skaggs Vista for peekaboo views of the left arm of the lake and Dry Creek Valley!  This trail ride uses a bit of leg strength and has steep incline/declines so is not recommended for timid riders. (Ages 12+)

Dry Creek Valley View Ride      20 minutes (allow 30-40 for load time)

Public $50      Private $65 (minimum 2 people)  CALL TO BOOK THIS RIDE 707 494 4449

A quick and exhilarating way to experience wine country! Ride on our sure footed and knowledgable horses and take in the fantastic views of world famous Dry Creek Valley wine region from atop Lake Sonoma’s overlook mountain.  Nicknamed “The Overlook” the U.S. Army Corps built a wooden structure to capture the breathtaking views of Dry Creek, Geyserville, Mt. Saint Helena, and beyond!  This trail ride starts by wandering through a small redwood grove, circling the mountain to take in the 360 degree views.  The horses then pass underneath the massive structure and across a steep mountainside with expansive views of the Rockpile Bridge and Lake Sonoma.  (This ride offers breathtaking views and is not suggested for timid riders)  Ages 12+



$10 for 10 minutes or $40 for 30 minutes CALL TO BOOK THE DONKEYS!

We didn't forget the little ones!  Unique to Sonoma wine country The Ranch at Lake Sonoma will offer burro rides on a cute little "burro trail"  for 10 minutes.  Take a picture in front of the view of your little one for a memorable keepsake.  Please call for availability (707) 494-4449  Riders must be under 70lbs, and at least 3 years old.

*cancellations by guests must be recieved within 48 hours to receive a full refund. Cancellations within 48 hours of booking date will be charged the full amount.

Skaggs Vista View Ride        40 minutes (allow over an hour for this ride)

Public $89       Private $109 (minimum 2 people)

Great for first time riders or timid riders who want a real try at riding a horse!  This trail starts out on a rocky trail overlooking Lake Sonoma, then veers off to a meadow to climb a small hill toward Skaggs Springs road.  Once arriving at the top of Skaggs Springs you will get a peekaboo view of Dry Creek Valley and an expansive view of the Warm Springs arm of the Lake.  After circling the vista we will head back down the hill to the Ranch and the rest is history! Ages 9+

Rocky Trail     40 minutes (allow over an hour for this ride)

Public $89           Private $109 (minimum 2 people)

An out and back ride catering to those wanting an easy mosey-along little trail.   Fairly level (small ups and downs), rocky and shaded trail to a meadow and back along the “Southlake Trail” overlooking the lake.  Just like it says, it goes out to the meadow and back, good for the young-uns and little cowpokes! Ages 9+